My brief to Tony was slightly different to the norm.  I needed planning permission on my property to add value to the sales price, as I am relocating to France. 

Tony finally did about 5 schemes / drawings for us, tweaking them along the way until we arrived at the final set that I was happy with.

Even after he did the final set, and our business was concluded, I have found Tony and his company really helpful.  I have gone back to them and have asked for artist impressions as to what the final development will look like, so that I may use these to aid the marketing of my property on the sales market.  These were done by Tony and his team without question.


Having previously worked with Tony and Building Tectonics on a social housing development, and knowing Tony from the networking scene in Milton Keynes, Building Tectonics were the first point of reference when trying to articulate our ideas.  At the time, I was working for a home improvements company, and we had decided that we wanted to be able to open the back of the house, incorporating a large bifold door.

Tony took time to understand what we trying to achieve. We wanted the kitchen to feel more open, getting the family involved rather than just a room with an oven. We wanted the dining area to feel more inviting. Encourage us to make better use of the space and enjoy the room. But most importantly we wanted a large space for the boys to play, to be able to get light in, and be able to open up the back and make the house and the garden work together when the weather allowed.

Tony helped us achieve this without a doubt. We also managed to avoid any unsightly columns and make the room flow, as if it was always there.

The room now gets more use than any other, and for that we are extremely grateful for Building Tectonics efforts, and those of our builder.