Photo of a large spacious room with off white walls, a grey corner sofa, wooden floor and wooden coffee table. Next to that there is a grey rug,matching the sofa. There is a glass dining table with large wooden legs, and wooden chairs with grey cushioning.

Makeover in Dunstable

Yesterday, I happened to visit and photograph a project we’ve designed, it was a last minute opportunity so taking these pictures in the evening never shows off the architecture as it should. However, I thought it would be nice to share them nonetheless.

Our clients loved the location of their house, but not the design. Some areas were very nice, but what let the house down was the long journey from the road to the front door, long internal corridors and the overall style of the house. It had been extended a few times previously, and a holistic overview was needed to revamp the house to put these things right, and also to add some more accommodation. We suggested moving the lounge so that the entrance led into this very impressive hall type lounge, thus removing the long distance from the road and parking to the front door. This also removed the long corridors because they now became rooms that themselves connected other rooms together. More accommodation was added to create a two storey bedroom wing and the house was given an external makeover at the same time, I can’t wait until I’m invited back!

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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Lofty spaces.

A loft conversion can often be the answer to a growing families needs. It can provide that extra bedroom or study space, or a dedicated room for a hobby you may be interested in, but don’t have the space to pursue. They can also be a good source for natural lighting from several different directions, as they can have skylights and dorm windows built in, helping you to save some money on those pesky electricity bills.

These types of conversions are very demanding from a design point of view and need to be thought out very thoroughly prior to commencement.

This is an example of a loft conversion we worked on for a client.

These are the “before” pictures.

Before inside         Beforeoutside

And the “after”…

After outside  After inside


Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Bungalow Make-over – It is a bungalow, no more

A lot of architects will probably get their biggest kicks out of designing the prestigious new house, and it is true that it’s a thrill to see such a project come to fruition, and most of our projects do.

However it can be more of a challenge for an architect to take an existing house and re-work it so that they can create a beautiful house with all the facilities expected by the modern family, and we think that many architects do not value this work as much as we do.
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Abella for commissioning us to carry out a redesign on their 1930’s bungalow. Mr Abella is a builder and shop fitter and carried out most of the work himself. It really is a very successful remodeling of the bungalow, situated in Luton.



Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.