Your ‘escape hub’.

We were asked by our clients,to produce a scheme converting a loft space in a Victorian house into a space that could be used in many different ways for their growing family. The existing house, although spacious and really quite beautiful, lacked additional space very often desired by a family so that someone can escape the hubbub of family life. This may be to watch TV, to go somewhere and really concentrate on a specific task which needs doing, even just to make a mess. A loft conversion can achieve so much. Furthermore, attic rooms, due to their geometry, create that snug intimate feeling and also because this new room is about as far from the front door, and the annoyances of the world as possible, they can become your personal escape hub.

MAA loft interior


Our clients were also very keen to have a comfortable stairway up into the loft, one which would fit furniture up there with ease, unlike these narrow barely-able-to-fit-an-office-chair staircases we often see with a loft conversion. Building Tectonics have designed many different loft conversions, and so we know just how hard it can be. There are many factors to think about with these types of projects, e.g. structure, headroom, a satisfactory layout of the room, buildability and building regulations. It’s rather tempting to just accept the fact the stairs take up whatever space is left over. But you shouldn’t have to do that in our view, we work very hard to create the best stairway into the loft space which meets the requirements of the client, and goes well with the conversion itself.


I had also suggested to my client that they may wish to visit the Sir John Soan Museum in London which shows lots of interesting ways in which space can be used. My clients really took this to heart, and inspired by a visit, have created a really wonderful room with niches that add character.

Building Tectonics are very pleased to have been of service and would like to thank our clients for allowing to use this as an exemplar of a loft conversion.



Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Lofty spaces.

A loft conversion can often be the answer to a growing families needs. It can provide that extra bedroom or study space, or a dedicated room for a hobby you may be interested in, but don’t have the space to pursue. They can also be a good source for natural lighting from several different directions, as they can have skylights and dorm windows built in, helping you to save some money on those pesky electricity bills.

These types of conversions are very demanding from a design point of view and need to be thought out very thoroughly prior to commencement.

This is an example of a loft conversion we worked on for a client.

These are the “before” pictures.

Before inside         Beforeoutside

And the “after”…

After outside  After inside


Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.