House Remodelling in Bedfordshire

Our clients in Bedfordshire asked us to look at their modest 3 bedroom bungalow to see if it would benefit from remodelling. Although the bungalow had been previously extended a few times to give more space and to create a beautiful kitchen; they felt the layout still had outstanding issues that needed resolving.

Its main entrance was tucked away up a long path bounded on one side by the bedroom wing. This was awkward and far from an impressive visual introduction to the house. The lounge worked well as a cosy snug, but as a main lounge it was too small. Externally, the house did not connect with the garden and the garden itself being adjacent to a busy road, suffered from noise and a lack of privacy.

The key innovation we brought to the problem was switching the lounge to the bedroom wing and the bedrooms to where the lounge had been. Our plan recreated the bedrooms as a two storey wing to ensure no bedroom capacity was lost.

Bringing the lounge to the front of the site meant that a beautiful and spacious entrance lobby adjacent to the car spaces could be added. Remodelling the layout meant that it worked as a house should in terms of approach and connectivity with the garden and the interconnection of the rooms. The garage was moved and rebuild to act as a screen between the garden and the road. This created a private and beautiful lawn space that the lounge and bedrooms could overlook.

It must be noted that during the construction phase the builder and the client also had their own moments of inspiration. This not only enhanced our general concept but helped create a house and home that is a delight to live in.

Hopeful Plans.

When people are sad or they feel down, they try to find something which will make them happy again. For one of our past clients, that happy thing is getting out the plans we did for her and looking through them. Just looking at them, because she doesn’t have the money to make them a reality yet.

She lives in a bungalow which she wanted to make into a bigger house, and has plans involving an extension to do just that. The mere dream of this new house uplifts her mood, and seeing the plans reminds her of what’s to come when she has the money to spend on her home. Tony (our company director) found this out the other week when he and the client came across each other one weekend, chance meetings are usually the only way we find out whether a job went ahead or not as we don’t pester clients.


Keeping you up to date with live projects.

We’re trying something which we haven’t done before; that is tracking a project and keeping you all up to date on its progress via fortnightly posts on facebook.

The first project which we will be keeping you up to date on is a bungalow which is a bit dated in both style and layout. Our brief was giving them a design which provided a larger kitchen and entertaining space on the ground floor, and to create a first floor with a view above the top of the trees growing in the valley below. We have also been asked to give the external look of the building and make it more contemporary.

The design which was chosen means raising the ridge with a steel frame to create the first floor space needed for this kind of layout. It will be a special house when the building work is complete, and so we look forward to when it is finished.

Written by Jade Turney  – Building Tectonics

Two Bungalows for the Clarkson Bros

Building Tectonics were commissioned to produce architectural designs and gain the necessary approvals for two bungalows in the rear garden of a house in Bletchley. Both properties are very popular and have been completed, they could be sold many times over. The bungalows are quite deceivingly large with two bedrooms at first floor level and a third bedroom/study on the ground floor.

The light and airy feeling they engender internally is complimented by the way they sit within the site, responding as they do to the surrounding features. It can be quite a difficult feat for an architect to get all of these features right.

It is important for us to retain and utilize existing features such as trees to enhance the architecture and hopefully, perhaps, visa versa too.


Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Not looking so tired anymore…


before  before2

For this particular project, the client already had plans prepared by architects to demolish their rather tired looking bungalow. This was to be done to create enough space to build a new house altogether, and the client had intentions of living in this new house. When builders quoted the schemes for this project, it became clear that this idea could not be economically justified.

We were then commissioned to improve the existing bungalow architecture, bearing in mind that the clients now intended to sell the property rather than live in it. We looked at a number of different options, and then based on what we believe most clients nowadays ask for, we developed a scheme that we thought would achieve the best returns possible when sold.

The clients have now decided to live in the bungalow themselves, and who can blame them? They’ve done a brilliant job on the kitchen , the grouting and polishing of the granite floor tiles. It looks fantastic and I would like to think that they will enjoy this remodelled and renovated home as much as much as the thought of their initial house which never came to be. It’s so satisfying to work on a project like this and we are very grateful for any clients giving us the opportunity to work on them.


Untitled  Untitled2


Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Even the smallest of places…

Building Tectonics were asked to create a bedroom in the roof space of a very small bed sit bungalow in Milton Keynes. Because of it’s size and the attatchment to the surrounding houses, this particular project proved to be a real challenge.

The building side of things was carried out by our clients brother, who has carried out and completed many successful loft conversions before.

It has proved to be very successful and is likely to be one of the main models for many similar projects in the future.

Before, during and after…

nicholls2 (1)




Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Bungalow Make-over – It is a bungalow, no more

A lot of architects will probably get their biggest kicks out of designing the prestigious new house, and it is true that it’s a thrill to see such a project come to fruition, and most of our projects do.

However it can be more of a challenge for an architect to take an existing house and re-work it so that they can create a beautiful house with all the facilities expected by the modern family, and we think that many architects do not value this work as much as we do.
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Abella for commissioning us to carry out a redesign on their 1930’s bungalow. Mr Abella is a builder and shop fitter and carried out most of the work himself. It really is a very successful remodeling of the bungalow, situated in Luton.



Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

Bungalow improvements – A bit of a ‘facelift’

Architects had previously prepared a scheme for a new house to replace this bungalow, but once costed it was apparent the project would be uneconomic. We were then commissioned to improve the existing building to a high standard so that it could be readily sold.

We prepared a number of proposals and the client chose (in our view) the best of these. To call the adopted scheme a make-over is a little bit misleading, the change from the front is subtle, but by raising the roof a little, we have provided some bedrooms in the roof space, plus we’ve also moved the chimney. Clearly the original bungalow’s architect had intended the chimney to be an external feature, but this meant the fireplace was badly situated within. The fireplace has now been rebuilt so that it provides a focal point within the lounge.

With the modest extension at the rear, the internal layout now provided ample space but more importantly the layout works so beautifully now. The superb kitchen and family room all overlook the mature rear garden. The upshot to all of this is that our clients decided not to sell the property, but to live in it themselves.



Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.