Tips when choosing art for your walls.

Have you ever wanted to buy some artwork for your home, only to get overwhelmed, not knowing where to start? There is a lot on offer out there so I’m sure a lot of us have been in that predicament, which is why we’ve written this post, hopefully it will help you out next time you’re trying to choose. As I see it, there are two main perspectives I can come at this from – an emotionally based angle, and an objectively based angle. For the purposes of this post, we’ll assume that you have a room in mind for the piece, and that cost is irrelevant.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about the emotional aspects of what we can consider. We’re drawn to the things we like, so one of the first things we should really ask ourselves is “how does this make me feel?”, if you look at it and don’t get any emotional response, then it may not be the right piece for you. It should be something you’re proud to own and show off to other people, after all your own personality will be reflected in what you choose to buy and display but really, it has to be something you’d be happy to look at every day. If you spot a piece that grabs your attention, you should think about whether it not only grabs your attention initially, but continues to hold it. Personally I find that easier if the piece you choose is unique, a one of a kind piece as opposed to something mass produced, you know that you’re the only one who owns that particular piece and so you automatically feel more proud of it.

Once you’ve thought about all of that, and chosen a piece that you really connect with emotionally, thinking about this from an objective standpoint we should consider whether the piece is going to be a focal point, does the room already have a statement piece? Be that in the form of some art, some interesting furniture, an ornate mirror or even a grand chandelier. If you already have a focal piece in the room and only want one, then you should be looking at decor or accent pieces to complement the room as a whole. The colour of the piece will have a dramatic impact on the amount by which it fits into the space, unless you do want this to be the focal point of the room you don’t want it to stand out too much; you’d want it to almost blend in, just not to the point that it fades into the background. Every piece of art or decor we buy is for the purpose of enhancing a space, so you need to ask yourself how this piece will enhance the room you have in mind.

The size and shape of the artwork is something we automatically think about when looking for art, but I find that a lot of people forget about the impact the orientation will have as well. Consider the wallspace you have available, and whether a horizontal or vertical emphasis would fit into that better. If you have an abstract painting for example, it could go either way but the orientation will have an impact on how people view it, and how it makes them feel. You’d need to think practically about the weight if it’s a large framed painting, wall sculpture or something similar, and how you’re going to mount it in the space you have in mind. You wouldn’t want to mount something heavy on a plasterboard wall, the next time you go to view it it could have pulled some of the wall down under the weight!

When deciding on a piece of art, just try to remember that it may be a longer process than you initially thought. However, if you bear what we’ve said in mind, we think you’ll come to own a piece that you’d never regret owning.

Advice: choosing the right house.

It is incredibly rare that you will find your perfect house on the market in an area which you would like to live in. If you find a house in the area you want to live in that you like then the chances are that it will not be exactly how you envisioned your perfect home.

Everyone has a different idea on what makes something perfect. Be that the perfect dish, the perfect dress or the perfect colour for your living room. Some people strive for finding ready made perfection, and nothing less. Others take the closest match to their vision and change it slightly to make it perfect.

The advice we would like to give you is to try and be more like the second group of people described above. The people who take the closest match and make it perfect.

We would all like to have the perfect home, but it can take some doing. More often than not, the vision that you have for your perfect home will not come readily built. You will probably have to work at it and create the house of your dreams.

Sometimes, it may be simple things like moving the furniture from the current Living room to where the current Dining room is, and vice versa. But other times, it may be something a lot more taxing than moving some furniture around. You may want to add another room, for which you may need to get an extension. That may sound like a lot of effort, but it would be worth it in the end. After all, you’d have the house of your dreams when the work is done.

Written by Jade Turney – Building Tectonics Ltd.